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Deuce's Carribean Grill....hit with meteor? (topic)
Does anyone know anything about the abandoned deuce's carribean grill on route 50 in mays landing/hamilton township section of atlantic county? i heard it was hit with a meteor 20 years ago and closed up. i dont remember it ever being...
Weird N.J. - The Magazine


01/06/15 5:06
Adventuring help! (topic)
Hello! Okay, so for a friends birthday, I'm planning on driving her around "Neverland." I have a few locations but I need a few more and I would definitely appreciate any help you guys could offer!  Also, I am in the South Jersey area...
Weird N.J. - The Magazine


02/27/13 5:03
suggest an unusual location? (topic)
I'm looking for something interesting to explore today in NJ. Can anyone offer anything creepy/unusual that I probably haven't been to? I've already visited most of the main abandoned attractions in NJ, and I'm looking for something...
Weird N.J. - The Magazine


02/17/13 7:36
Long Shot - big old houses in the woods toward Egg Harbor Twp (topic)
I know this is a long shot but I thought I'd see if anyone here knows where/what I'm talking about. Years ago I lived in Phila. and traveled a bit of back roads to go the shore. I'd cross the Walt Whitman bridge and take one of the first...
Weird N.J. - The Magazine


01/05/13 4:43
Abandoned places in central nj? (topic)
I am looking for abandoned buildings to explore in central jersey, specifically somerset county. Does anybody know of any? thanks
Weird N.J. - The Magazine


08/18/12 10:21
Jersey's Best Spots to Have A Beer w/o the Fines or Shotguns (topic)
This is my first time writing in this forum, although I've been running through it for a while. I wanted to know if anybody had any suggestions. When I used to visit the Pine Barrens I went with friends who knew their way around...
Weird N.J. - The Magazine


07/23/12 2:46
The Junkyard Guy: Revisited (topic)
 The junkyard guy revisited is me tring to show those who want more about the junkyard guy, sadly i didnt not take pictures of this place while i was young so after posting the story on the junkyard guy i desided to revisit my...
Weird N.J. - The Magazine


07/11/12 1:41
Pine Hill Legends and forgotten (topic)
            Hello everyone. this is my 1st time posting anything on this website but, i am from (south) jersey and would like to contribute to wierd N.J. because it intrests me so...
Weird N.J. - The Magazine


07/09/12 12:41
Ruins in the Pines (topic)
The pines are a place you can get lost very easyThere an actual  cross roads in the pines..if you waited long enough the devil just may show up and challenge you to a fiddle  dual There are town there lock in time...Well I got...
Weird N.J. - The Magazine


06/17/12 12:18
May 16: Forsaken Photo/Video Exhibition and Reception (topic)
A FORSAKEN PHOTO/VIDEO EXHIBITION AND RECEPTIONAT MAXWELL'S BAR AND RESTAURANTIN HOBOKEN, NJMONDAY, MAY 167:00 P.M.Weird NJ presents a photographic exhibition by Rusty Tagliareni featuring photos from our recently released special issue...
Weird N.J. - The Magazine


04/21/11 12:31
Pleasureland, Oakland NJ (topic)
Hey guys!I often keep a close check on the activity that goes on around Pleasureland, in Oakland NJ.  I drive past almost everyday and I noticed they put a large chain link fence by the entrance, and they have filled in and paved...
Weird N.J. - The Magazine


04/04/11 7:58
Greystone Saved/RIP Overbrook (topic)
Well folks, Greystone is being saved as all of you know, and the west side of Overbook was basically completely demolished, but remember the east side is where the hospital stands. I am taking a road trip out to several abandoned asylums...
Weird N.J. - The Magazine


03/23/11 12:41
Overbrook Asylum/Essex County Hospital (topic)
Hey guys,I'm from the Summit area, recently moved to Chatham Twp, NJ. It's crazy because I just received permission from the Essex County Administrator to visit the Essex County Hospital grounds. My parents personally know the Essex...
Weird N.J. - The Magazine


02/11/11 1:44
Abandoned GreenHouse/Florist/Brendan's Dairy?? (topic)
Hey guys, it's Andrew again. I just wanted to ask you guys for some help, because I am not sure what this building is. It's a florist/green house/dairy company that apparently went abandoned over 25 years ago. I asked my mother, and she...
Weird N.J. - The Magazine


01/22/11 11:57
Abandoned Property (topic)
I recently discovered an abandoned property in New Providence, NJ. I've lived in Summit all my life, and had no idea that this property existed. Does anyone know about this property? It's not easy to find, but if you're from the area,...
Weird N.J. - The Magazine


12/25/10 1:27
We here at Weird NJ magazine are proud to announce a joint project between ourselves and photographer Rusty Tagliareni: A 164 page full color, heavy gloss magazine devoted to abandoned and forgotten sites in and around the Garden...
Weird N.J. - The Magazine


11/23/10 3:09
Abandoned Train Restaurant on Route 46 (topic)
Does anyone know anything at all about an abandoned train restaurant (Riverside Country Dining and Cocktails) on Route 46? I have no idea what town it is in...perhaps Great Meadows? It's before Blairstown, I think...I honestly am not...
Weird N.J. - The Magazine


11/21/10 4:01
Cute abandoned house :) (topic)
Hi everyone! I'm a newbie...  hooray! I found this abandoned house that I've probably passed thousands of times in my life, but had never noticed it until a few months ago... so of course I checked it out.  I have some...
Weird N.J. - The Magazine


10/18/10 4:26
New Fairytale Forest Pictures (topic)
Here are the latest Fairtyale Forest pictures. Looks like part of it is turned into a BBQ rib joint.Anyone have anymore information on this park or any other abandoned amusement parks in the tri-state...
Weird N.J. - The Magazine


08/14/10 1:56
STOKED to go to JAIL (topic)
Weird N.J. - The Magazine


06/20/10 3:36
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